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Las Vegas Timeshare Resale Information

Selling Your Timeshare

In the past, the CHTA has offered Las Vegas timeshare resale tips in our newsletter. Some suggestions are listed below:

  • Transfer to a family member
  • Place an ad in the classified section of the CHTA newsletter
  • Place an ad on the Internet or search online for a buyer
  • Deed it back to the CHTA
  • Don't pay your assessment and let your week go into foreclosure. This is not a recommended solution.

If you would like more information or would like instructions on timeshare rules regarding how to deed back your timeshare in Las Vegas, please contact Owner Services at 800.221.2301 ext.101 or by email at

Classified Ads

The CHTA offers a classified ad section for our members in The Carriage House newsletter. There is nocharge. Ads are limited to 25 words.

The following classifications will be offered: Timeshare Trade, Timeshare for Sale, Timeshare for Rent. Prices for timeshare weeks will not be published.

If you plan to list a timeshare in Vegas for sale, be aware that by listing your telephone number, address, or email you may be contacted by a timeshare resale company. Be very careful before signing up with a resale company that may charge an upfront appraisal or advertising fee or offer to release you from your ownership if you pay them a fee.

To request the necessary form to complete your ad, please contact Amy Lowell at 800.221.2301 ext.107 or by e-mail at

Timeshare Industry Scam Alerts

The Carriage House Timeshare Association continues to receive calls from members concerning companies that have contacted them about reselling or buying their week. These companies typically require an upfront advertising or appraisal fee. In most cases, these companies do not end up selling or buying the owner's week, and there is no refund of the upfront fee.

We have been informed that in some instances, owners have been charged several times on their credit cards for these upfront fees. You are urged to review your credit card statements carefully and immediately report any discrepancies, in writing, to your credit card company.

A new scam is often referred to as a timeshare "transfer," "rescue," "relief," or "postcard company." These companies offer to release you from your timeshare in Vegas if you pay them a fee. In some cases, this fee is as much as several thousand dollars. Before entering into this agreement, please contact General Manager, Amy Lowell, at 800.221.2301 ext. 107 or by email at